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I was asked recently by Gemma Cooper at The Bent Agency for some marketing advice she could pass on to her authors.  I created a 2 page sheet for her and have summarised the key points below.  So here are the 5 things I want my authors to do in order to help promote and sell their books.

  1. Have a website

This helps build ‘the author as brand’. You create a following and can showcase your work, particularly if you are published by different publishers. Your website will be the one place that pulls together all your work.

  1. Be active on Twitter

If you are an author with a big Twitter following then publishers see this as a ready-made audience and will look at you more favourably. And if you have a contract already then you can use social media to create word of mouth and generate interest.

  1. Have a Facebook page

It’s not essential to have a Facebook page as well but there are a lot of readers who aren’t on Twitter who will connect with you via Facebook. You can keep your personal life and your work life separate by setting up your author profile as a ‘page’ which is basically an account within an account.

  1. Be willing to do events

Once you have a book due for publication then you need to be prepared to do events. These don’t need to be scary and you can work with your publisher to build a programme with which you are comfortable.

  1. Be open to new ideas

Your publishers and agents may ask you to do a whole host of things you never imagined like judging competitions, or being interviewed by a book-tuber. If you are prepared to try anything (within reason) and make yourself available to your publisher then you will go far.

Remember, the publicity and marketing department are dealing with lots of authors. They want to work with those authors who make their life easier, and who are happy to throw themselves into things with enthusiasm. The more closely you work with your publisher, the more opportunities you will be offered, and the more books you will sell.

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