My professional bookprint – the five books that changed my working life

By on July 11th, 2013 in Blog, Book review

I recently came across the notion of the bookprint; the idea that the books you read leave a lasting and unique impression, much like a footprint.

So I thought I would create my own version of this – my professional bookprint focusing on the titles that I have read that have made the most impact on my working life.

purple cow bookPurple Cow

Be different, be bold, make your product or service stand out ie be a purple cow, or you may as well go home.  Simple, inspiring and hugely entertaining. Plus this introduced me to the wonderful Seth Godin and from there I moved on to his other classics such as Permission Marketing.


How to get control of your time and your lifeHow to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life

I came across this book when I was working at Gower and marketing the professional list.  This book is like the in-box zero of its time, offering easy-to-use time management and productivity tips for getting to the bottom of your in-tray, prioritising tasks and getting more done in a day – tips that I still use.



Magic of thinking bigThe Magic of Thinking Big

Goal setting is a bit old hat now but I am a firm believer. Write it down and somehow it will come to pass – even big, impossible dreams can turn into a reality once you verbalise them on paper.  In a moment of madness in my early 20s I wrote I wanted to build my own house – 15 years later I did just that. It’s some form of black art or Jedi mind trick – I have no idea how it works, but it just does.


how to market booksHow to Market Books

It would be remiss of me not to mention this stalwart of titles. The first edition was published around the time of my first job at Blackwells and I still have my original, somewhat dated, well-thumbed copy. I can only hope that today’s edition includes some mention of the internet and social media because mine does not!



steve jobsSteve Jobs

A recent addition this one.  I am still reading this biography (it is taking time simply because it is too big to carry anywhere – why I didn’t buy it on Kindle I have no idea) but the vision of this man is quite literally awe-inspiring.  Practically every chapter offers an ‘I never knew that’ insight. Highly recommended.



So that’s my professional bookprint – what’s yours?

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